It is now Sept 1 2016 and in about a month I’ll be at leading a workshop in WordPress, REST API, and Angular and I think in order to really offer the people that attend the best I can, I need to revamp what I know, and what I currently offer.

Challenge: To Rebuild my Angular WordPress Theme using the best and latest tech.

Angular WordPress

What I want to include

  • ES6ECMAScript 6 offers a lot more features to your typical JavaScript. From a better, faster syntax to easier to build and modular design. If you haven’t experienced es6 yet, you may be missing out.
  • PHP NameSpace – This is kind of falls along the same lines as my reasoning for ES6. I would love it to be easy to use PHP classes I’ve created, without having to constantly include. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this, look for any PHP file that starts with namespace and then use something/someClass
  • Live Reload – I use LiveReload a lot in other projects, why not integrate here? Its not that hard 🙂
  • New Grid Framework – I love Bootstrap, I really do. But time to start playing with something better, preferably something flex based.

Typescript? still debating on this…

Deadline 2016

There are actually 3 projects I want to have ready for LoopConf 2016, which gives me just over 1 month. This is 1 of them. Luckily the other 2 will fall in line very closely. They include:

  • My Admin JavaScript SPA Boilerplate (AngularJS) (ReactJS)
  • AngularJS Front End – A collaborative project I have with Josh Pollock which creates a 100% decoupled AngularJS powered blog. Stick it on another server, directory. It is not a theme or a plugin.

I need help

Some of this stuff is new(er) to me as well, especially in setup and concept. I want to make sure that I am learning, but also getting some good progress in. This is where I’ll need your help

Check out the issues, and feel free to self-assign one to yourself OR create a new one! Even just creating issues as tasks means I have a better idea of what I need to accomplish. If you have better ways to handle the API, or a cool design you’d like to see. Let me know!

Thanks You!