My Angular WordPress Theme – version 7

It is now Sept 1 2016 and in about a month I’ll be at leading a workshop in WordPress, REST API, and Angular and I think in order to really offer the people that attend the best I can, I need to revamp what I know, and what I currently offer. Challenge: To Rebuild my Angular WordPress […]

Starter Themes, are they really a good place to start?

There are a few types of WordPress developers out there, one group use starter themes since their job, or work, requires them to constantly build custom one-off theme for clientele, work, etc. While not every developer who creates custom themes uses a starter theme, many do, and for good reason. What is a starter theme? A starter […]

When to rip off the band-aid when learning

Never Stop Learning Before I get into the real topic of this blog entry, I want to start with the premise of learning. A good developer, WordPress or not, never stops learning. Whether it is a new piece of code, a new code language, or just a new piece of software to hopefully make their workflow better. […]

Day of Code Atonement

Today is Yom Kippur, the Jewish holiday for atonement, we are supposed to say we are sorry for all that we have done in the past year. As a perfect Jewish mensch, I have not done any wrong to others, ever. 🙂 However, There are times where my code doesn’t match my outwardly amazing behavior […]

Top 17 breakfasts that are too cool for WordPress summits

I love top X lists! They are so amaze. The lists are always so thought out and accurate and never filled with random things you’ve never heard of. SO I created my OWN Top list. On a side note, I also really love “community” summits that are very inclusive of the people in a certain group. Top […]

WP-API v2 – Adding fields to all post types

While working on my AngularJS for WP plugin I noticed one of the main differences between the v1 of the REST API plugin and v2 is that with v2 you had to define api fields individually per custom post type. This was easy when it comes to post creation ’cause I required users to pass in […]

WordPress and AngularJS before the JSON REST API

In early 2013 I started learning AngularJS, and decided to write my experience down in a blog post. I had written my first AngularJS powered WordPress theme, and life was good. Except, it wasn’t, I needed an RESTful API to really make some magic. Living Without The API I was going through my GitHub repo […]

What is “WordPress”? What makes it so great? A Philosophical Look from a Developer

WordPress powers a large percent of the websites you view on the Internet today. The most important of which is obviously this one. At WordCamp Miami, I was talking with to Michael Chacon & Ptah Dunbar and we were discussing EmberJS, AngularJS, and WordPress. The question came up, what is WordPress. I brought up another conversation I had with John […]

wpRTC Plugin – v2 Release

Version 2 is here Over the past few weeks with help from some friends including Michal B. and Michael B. we were able to relaunch the wpRTC plugin that many in the community have downloaded and used. It is a major overhaul in the whole system while some legacy code remains and functionality remains the […]