Top 17 breakfasts that are too cool for WordPress summits

I love top X lists! They are so amaze. The lists are always so thought out and accurate and never filled with random things you’ve never heard of. SO I created my OWN Top list. On a side note, I also really love “community” summits that are very inclusive of the people in a certain group. Top […]

WordPress and AngularJS before the JSON REST API

In early 2013 I started learning AngularJS, and decided to write my experience down in a blog post. I had written my first AngularJS powered WordPress theme, and life was good. Except, it wasn’t, I needed an RESTful API to really make some magic. Living Without The API I was going through my GitHub repo […]

What is “WordPress”? What makes it so great? A Philosophical Look from a Developer

WordPress powers a large percent of the websites you view on the Internet today. The most important of which is obviously this one. At WordCamp Miami, I was talking with to Michael Chacon & Ptah Dunbar and we were discussing EmberJS, AngularJS, and WordPress. The question came up, what is WordPress. I brought up another conversation I had with John […]

wpRTC Plugin – v2 Release

Version 2 is here Over the past few weeks with help from some friends including Michal B. and Michael B. we were able to relaunch the wpRTC plugin that many in the community have downloaded and used. It is a major overhaul in the whole system while some legacy code remains and functionality remains the […]

Running an AngularJS app in a WP theme template

This past weekend I was at WordCamp San Diego, and it was fantastic. I was not just a speaker this time, I was a sponsor. It was a great weekend filled with talking with old friends that are in the community, as well as meeting tons of new ones. As you can guess, my talk was […]

The best way to develop a MVP

With the Super Bowl behind us, I want to talk about MVP’s. If you do not know what a MVP is when talking about tech, it may not be what you think it is. What is a MVP? A MVP or Minimum Viable Product is what you build when you have an awesome idea and want to test the […]

Lets Build a WordPress App Together – Part VI

Continuing on in our journey to creating this app. We now have functionality to create a new post, and while I want to get into post meta, I want to get back to creating a new user. As you may remember, a while back I mentioned that the default WP-API / JSON-REST-API does not actually support […]

My first time in Canada, WordCamp Toronto

First, here are the slides from my presentation, this post is more then just my talk which I have numerous blog posts about. Wordcamp Toronto Presentation from Roy Sivan   #WCTO Lets get the WordCamp out of the way first. While there is so much to talk about this amazing 2 (2.5 with speaker dinner) […]

How being a Valet taught me to be a good WordPress Artisan

About a week ago I wrote an article on ARC(CTRL)’s website about what it is to be a WordPress Artisan. I explored its meaning, and what really defines it. As I was driving to work today, stuck in traffic as usual, I began thinking about my experiences before I became a web developer or other […]