Today is Yom Kippur, the Jewish holiday for atonement, we are supposed to say we are sorry for all that we have done in the past year.

As a perfect Jewish mensch, I have not done any wrong to others, ever. 🙂 However, There are times where my code doesn’t match my outwardly amazing behavior

So I am sorry for:

  • That time I used spaces instead of tabs
  • Leaving in that var_dump that made into production
  • That time my git commit message was “code stuff..”
  • Fixing a merge conflict by mysteriously relocating your code to the trash
  • The week I moved everything to gulp without telling anyone, sure surprised you 🙂
  • That WordPress plugin I installed that does nothing but exit
  • This PR –
  • That time I decided to take Windows head on, and lost. Sorry Windows, you have your merits.

What are you sorry for?

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