Version 2 is here

Over the past few weeks with help from some friends including Michal B. and Michael B. we were able to relaunch the wpRTC plugin that many in the community have downloaded and used. It is a major overhaul in the whole system while some legacy code remains and functionality remains the same for now, we have set it up for success with extensions and have already started planning new features. At the core, some of the biggest issues we were having with the v1 plugin was the SimpleWebRTC library that was powering it. While this is not a bad library, it was a little too hands on for the people using the plugin, so I turned to a new library to power v2,

I was acquainted with during a ReactJS meetup here in Los Angeles, CA. They had someone explain to us what it is, and how they are creating mixins for React so it would be easy to implement. Having walked down this rode before with SimpleWebRTC, I knew what I needed to ask. The team knew exactly what was up, they answered my questions, and I knew I had found the new library to power the plugin. not just has a great team of developers behind it, they are going to make it easier for plugin users to attract and let more people use their websites. The team has created a cross-browser awesome library, which supports all webRTC compliant browsers. Their team support is also awesome, and we were able to work with them directly to fix any issues we were having, and gain some knowledge for future functionality, extensions, etc.

Signing Up

You will need to sing up for but fear not! For light users, it is completely free. Just go to – and sign up, grab your API KEY from the account page, and save it using the wpRTC settings panel.

If you start getting a lot of traffic to your site, you may need to sign up for some of their affordable plans starting at only $29

Extensions Coming

We are planning on releasing extensions for wpRTC in the near future, most of which came as suggestions from the community.

  • Conference – One of the most popular was limiting which users could actually join the conference while leaving the conference itself viewable to all.
  • Data Sharing / Transfer – We are working on a way to pass data to users joined in, and a way to interact with that data. For example, a common image which users can send URL’s to so all users in the chat / conference will see the image they posted. This will also have modules/extensions for types of data and what to do with them.

We will be including some extensions into the PRO versions. Some extensions will be paid extras, as they will work with both the PRO and FREE version of the plugin. To offset the development cost, we have had to increase the price of the PRO version.

Pricing Change for PRO

While both versions of the plugin have been upgraded to v2 powered by, the PRO version has had to have a price increase to keep up with demand. We noticed a lot of people like the plugin and use it. Now that is even better, and we have coded it in a way to easily add more functionality, the price has increased to $19.99 – I suggest trying the FREE VERSION before purchasing the PRO.

[purchase_link id=”623″ style=”button” color=”blue” text=”Buy wpRTC PRO v2″ direct=”true”]

If you have any questions or issues, we will be spending the next few weeks fixing and debugging with users before starting on extensions and other extended functionality.

Demo Site

Want to see a demo of the plugin? –